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Hayfield Hideaways is Proudly Backing British Farmers Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

The fantastic social media initiative #farm24 from the Farmers Guardian and Morrisons is back, a celebration of British Farming. We are getting on board with it to share our story and remind the world how important and impressive British Agriculture is.

Hayfield Hideaways is a farm diversification with the ethos of providing people with a rural escape, allowing them to unwind amongst nature and reconnect with the environment. Whilst we have the site to facilitate this, we would like our guests to have the opportunity to enjoy free-range, local produce. We, therefore, work closely with Blue Welly Farm (2.4 miles) and Storey's farm (4 miles) to provide our guests with the highest quality meat and eggs for our pop-up shop.

We believe sharing our industry's message is more important than ever. The aim of #farm24 is to show consumers the vast extent of the effort and care which goes into producing the food they eat.

Whilst David Ottley from Blue Welly Farm was on his delivery round to the campsite; we posed a few questions to him in aid of #farm24. David and his family have farmed in Bacton, Norfolk, since 2005. He has been involved in the agricultural sector all his life. He said he is "proud to farm" and "proud to be a British farmer". He told us his favourite thing about being a British Farmer is seeing the circle of life. "I love to see livestock. Especially lambs and piglets. I like seeing them born, growing them, rearing them, and seeing the end consumer enjoying them".

Support for British farmers is vital. One way to do this is to source your food more locally and support a local farmer like we are at Hayfield Hideaways. Mr Ottley highlighted that "there is so much cheap imported rubbish out there... we will come up with a problem in the future where we will see high-quality, local British food unavailable." He added, "We must all work together and keep buying local produce. Please support your local farmers as they support their local area and economy. I believe the whole nation can work together to back British farming."

Farming isn't just a job; it is an unpredictable lifestyle. David explained, "you may have ten pigs one day and then nine the next. It could be a Sunday afternoon, and you're having a BBQ with your family when you get a phone call saying you've got a load of sheep running down the road. You never know what is around the corner. I am proud to be a British farmer; a lot is out of our hands, but we must do our best to look after the land and provide the nation with high-quality meat and food."

Thank you again to David Ottley, his family, Blue Welly Farm and all UK farmers. Without you, our dinner plates would be empty!

We hope you have enjoyed our story about how Hayfield Hideaways supports #farm24 and our local farmers. Let's get #farm24 #farmCAN trending to remind the world how amazing the industry is. And remember, #TrustBritishBuyBritish #Farm24 #FarmingCAN.

Photo: David Ottley and Denise Wait (maiden name Storey from Storey's Farm).

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