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Hayfield Hideaways 2022

The Story of Hayfield Hideaways

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Welcome to Hayfield Hideaways, our charming family-run campsite nestled along the pristine North Norfolk coast, just a stone's throw from the vibrant village of Mundesley.

Our idyllic campsite is nestled in the serene embrace of nature's beauty, offering a tranquil escape within walking distance of Mundesley's inviting sandy beach. My family and I, the Wait family, are the proud proprietors of this rustic retreat. We embarked on a journey to diversify our smallholding, adding comfortable amenities like a lab and shower shacks for your convenience, as well as a washing-up shack upcycled from an old horse shelter, all run by solar power.

In August 2021, we joyfully opened our gates to our very first guests, eager to share the splendors of Mundesley's coastal village. As we approach our fourth year in operation, we're eagerly preparing to welcome you again for an unforgettable summer adventure in 2024!

Join us at Hayfield Hideaways for an experience that blends natural beauty, family warmth, and coastal charm.

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